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Too many businesses launch new websites, user journey flows, and features without monitoring the impact. Our launch monitoring service helps minimize the risk of launching something that doesn’t work well or worse negatively impacts your business.
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“Speero’s process has removed the emotional and sophistication bias we have with our market, and allowed the data and testing to paint the real picture, presenting our audience with what THEY need, rather than what WE need, to ultimately accomplish our goals. The results of this project have improved conversion rates, improved top, and bottom-line numbers, and increased customer satisfaction – a huge element in building brand equity in our market."
Sky BoultonOwner & Principal, BlastZone
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Who's the launch monitoring service for?

For businesses who are unable to run experimentation to measure and validate the impact of planned changes to their website. Our launch monitoring service can help in the following ways;

Digital teams:
● Measure marketing campaign performance.
● Monitor new landing pages.
● Assess the value of special offers to your business.
● Monitor and improve website changes or redesigns. 

Product teams:
● Measure usage and performance of new features.
● Measure the impact of new user flows in digital products.
● Ensure new logic/functionality changes are working correctly. 
● Monitor the impact of pricing changes on key business metrics.

What will my launch monitoring project look like?


We can advise you on the best practices when it comes to launching new features, landing pages, or websites having launched 1000s for our clients over the past 10 years. We can advise on any potential problems, provide UX, heuristic, or customer research to help validate and improve your idea before the launch.

Launch Monitoring Tracking

We review the analytics setup and implement tracking around the new element to ensure the data we’ll use to monitor the impact is error-free. We will work with your choice of tool e.g Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Heap, Mixpanel, or other analytics tools.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team will thoroughly QA the new element before it goes live. Once live, we’ll closely monitor the new element for any unexpected results in the data. For complex projects, we can set up automated monitoring alerts to notify us if your key metrics are not where they should be.

Launch Troubleshooting

If a problem is detected (e.g. the conversion rate for the new version is lower than for the old one), we’ll dig into data and see what might be the cause. We will make recommendations on how to change the element to improve performance.


We will report on the performance of the launch itself, with an analysis of all key metrics and KPIs.

Launch Monitoring FAQs

What happens if my product/service launch fails?

If your launch fails because it performs poorly compared to the old version, or doesn’t meet your expectations, we recommend analyzing the data and iterating on the execution.

What services can Speero recommend after a product/service launch?

It is important to track the performance of any new feature after its launch. Speero can help with proper analytics integrations for both web and mobile sites. Besides tracking and analytics, Speero can help with improving the product/service even further through our other services, including research and experimentation

When should businesses use the launch monitoring service vs experimentation?

All businesses that want to grow and improve their products and services should update and launch new features and offerings. The launch monitoring service can be used when experimentation cannot be used. For example, some elements can’t be validated via an A/B test or if your business doesn’t have the required traffic or conversions to test.

What metrics do you measure for a new launch?

This will depend very much on the type of feature that is being launched and the business that is doing the launch. In most cases, metrics include loading speed, error counts, conversion rates, feature-specific actions (i.e. clicks on certain elements), and any other KPIs that could be affected by the launch.

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