Don’t launch new experiences without monitoring the impact

Too many businesses launch new websites, flows and features without monitoring the impact. Our launch monitoring service helps minimise the risk of launching something that doesn’t work well or worse negatively impacts your business.
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“Speero’s process has removed the emotional and sophistication bias we have with our market, and allowed the data and testing to paint the real picture, presenting our audience with what THEY need, rather than what WE need, to ultimately accomplish our goals. The results of this project have improved conversion rates, improved top, and bottom-line numbers, and increased customer satisfaction – a huge element in building brand equity in our market."
Sky BoultonOwner & Principal, BlastZone
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Who does the launch monitoring service benefit?

Understanding the impact changes to your experience has on your business is so important yet too many businesses launch new ideas without monitoring the impact they have. Our launch monitoring service can help in the following ways;

Marketing teams:
● Measure marketing campaign performance.
● Monitor new landing pages.
● Assess the value of special offers to your business.
● Monitor and improve website changes.

Product teams:
● Measure usage and performance of new features.
● Observe new users flows in digital products.
● Ensure new logic/functionality changes are working correctly. 
● Monitor the impact of pricing changes on key business metrics.

What will my data analytics project look like?


We can advise you on the best practices when it comes to launching new features, landing pages, or websites having launched 1000s for our clients over the past 10 years’. We can advise on any potential problems, provide UX, heuristic or customer research to help validate and improve your idea and consult on how best to measure the new element.


We start by making sure the tracking around the new feature is set up correctly and error free. This can be done using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Heap, Mixpanel or other analytics tool. 

We can provide additional tracking suggestions, technical set-up of new tools, provide guidelines for fixing any issues or implement the fixes for you.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team will thoroughly QA the new element before it goes live. Once live, we’ll closely monitor the new element for any unexpected results in the data. For complex projects we can set up automated monitoring alerts to notify us if your key metrics are not where they should be.


If a problem is detected (e.g. the conversion rate for the new version is lower than for the old one), we’ll dig into data and see what might be the cause. We can make recommendations on how to change the element to improve performance.


We can report on the performance of the launch itself, as well as building custom dashboards in the likes of Google Data Studio, or a tool of your choice to help continue monitoring the metrics that matter most to your business.

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