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There’s been an obsession with short term strategies and quick win tactics that drive revenue, at the expense of long term profit.  But as competition and acquisition costs rise, the retention economy is taking hold.

That’s why Speero does things differently. By optimizing your customer experience through data, user research and strategic experimentation to drive profit, loyalty and retention.
“Through the CX optimization program with Speero, we increased the number of customers who chose our annual plans by 75% which is a massive deal for a subscription business."
Dan Layfield, Growth Product Manager at Codecademy
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The retention economy

For too long businesses have been pressured into short term strategies and quick win tactics that drive revenue, rather than creating long term growth.

Yet according to HBR the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. 

The winners of the Retention Economy will measure and improve customer lifetime value, develop superior customer experiences, and organize their teams around customer needs.

They understand that a 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% - 95% more profit.

Speero helps you understand your customers better through data, CX research, experimentation and CX optimization to drive long-term growth.

“We found we were unable to disengage emotionally and to truly understand our market and our customer’s mindset.

Speero’s process allowed the data and testing to paint the real picture, presenting our audience with what THEY need, rather than what WE need, to ultimately accomplish our goals. The results of this project have improved top, and bottom-line numbers, and increased customer satisfaction."

Sky Boulton, Owner & Principal at BlastZone

How we improve your customer experience

Our CX consultants help optimize digital customer experiences across industries, from ecommerce to SaaS, B2B lead gen to eLearning.


Measurable CX results

We start testing on your customer experience in the first few weeks of working together. We prioritize experiments that will increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, generate learnings, and improve customer lifetime value.

Strategic CX experimentation

We run strategic tests around pricing, monetization flows, retention, channels, packaging, product, and more.

Dedicated CX consulting team

We’ll work alongside you with a dedicated team of CX consultants, including an account director, a CX strategist, an analyst, a persuasion designer, a front-end test developer, and a QA analyst.

Customer-focused action plan

We conduct an experimentation maturity audit to understand where you’re weakest when it comes to customer-focused strategies, processes, tools, and skills, and what you can do to improve.

Truly understanding your customers

We conduct customer experience (CX) research sprints throughout your program to get regular customer insights.

Data to measure and improve big business metrics

We measure and improve metrics that lead to long term growth such as customer lifetime value, and retention.

Upskill your team

We provide world-class training from CXL, teaching your team everything they need to know about CX optimization, from user psychology to experimentation statistics.
“I requested proposals from three agencies. The reason Speero won was that I loved your approach. I loved how straightforward it was. It was great that you could speak clearly at a high level and a deeper expert level depending on the audience."
Laura Borghesi, Senior Director, Growth Marketing at MongoDB

Our CX Projects

$1.5 million in additional revenue

For Procter & Gamble brand, Native, by experimenting and improving their customer experience.

0-100 experiments

We helped MongoDB embed an experimentation culture that took them from no testing to running 100 tests per year.

$2M additional revenue

A single research-backed recommendation for RevZilla delivered $2M in annualized revenue.

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