Experimentation / CRO

Experimentation and Testing Programs acknowledge that the future is uncertain. These programs focus on getting better data to product and marketing teams to make better decisions.

Research & Strategy

We believe that research is an integral part of experimentation. Our research projects aim to identify optimization opportunities by uncovering what really matters to your website users and customers.

Data and Analytics

90% of the analytics setups we’ve seen are critically flawed. Our data analytics audit services give you the confidence to make better decisions with data you can trust.

Validated website design services

Redesigns are risky. Our experimentation and validation based redesign services mitigate the risk while making sure your design decisions are based on prior user learnings and serve your company goals.
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    Who Needs Validated Redesign?

    Is research showing you need a full site redesign? Or you only need to overhaul some pages? Are you launching something new and want to validate the design before development? Do you need help with managing your UI? Speero can help. Below is a rough outline of our services.

    Design Audit

    Do your heuristic reviews show that your design is inconsistent and full of layout issues? Maybe you need systematic research to uncover the main gaps and problems in your design.
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    UI Library creation

    Consistent UI is the basic prerequisite for successful experimentation. You can only have clear learnings when you A/B test in consistent UI frameworks. This ensures you test concepts, not new UI elements.
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    Redesign Sprints

    Your site is old. The design feels outdated. Maybe the site is ready for a general overhaul. But here's the kicker: Full redesigns are risky. You have to make lots of uninformed decisions and it's hard to measure improvement.
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    Full site validated redesign

    Sometimes, full redesign is inevitable. It is a big leap and substantial risk. Our process is fine tuned to ensure that all aspects of the redesign move your website in the right direction.
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    Prototype building and testing

    It is not possible to A/B test everything in a live environment. You may be launching something new. We test interfaces before implementation in prototype phase.
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    Design validation

    Your new designs may look perfect, pass usability tests and still not resonate with your target audience. Testing your messaging, visuals and general look and feel with a curated panel is the best way to validate your new designs.
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    UI Design Audit

    The UI design audit is a process where we map your UI for gaps in the following areas:

    • Consistency - Consistency of styles & logic throughout the UI
    • Typicality / Usability - Your UI vs your customer’s knowledge
    • Clarity and cognitive load
    • Visual hierarchy of parts of the UI and content
    • Accessibility - Checking UI against accessibility standards
    • Guidelines - Do up to date & implemented UI guidelines exist?

    The end result is an annotated board with the issues found, a summary of main findings and recommendations. Suggestions can be instantly actionable or may require further analysis.


    From commencement to completion, expect this to span 2 weeks.


    From $4,500

    UI Library Creation

    Successful experimentation starts with consistent UI. Clear learnings are only possible from A/B testing in consistent UI frameworks. This way, you test concepts, rather than new user interface elements.

    Consistent interface helps your users by lowering friction throughout the user or customer journey. Stable, solid, and easy to use designs build trust and lasting first impressions with customers.

    Brand guidelines are not the same as UI libraries, however. For such consistent layouts you need a stable, detailed framework. This can be a global Design System integrated with front-end development. A less complex UI Library is your first step toward a full, platform-agnostic Design System.


    From commencement to completion, expect this to span 2 weeks.


    From $6,000

    Test Redesign Sprints

    You have a solid strategy and direction. You have a UI library. Great. But this still doesn't mean that a massive, all at once redesign would be great.

    There's a better way - our Redesign Sprints focused on key pages and flows, which Speero tests after to learn and understand their effects. We also test to confirm you won't harm your conversion rate, revenue, and AOV specifically.

    Start with our key research that will tell you what your customers think and fell about your design. Pre-validate your designs before launches.


    From commencement to completion, expect this to span 2 weeks.


    From $4,500

    Prototype Usability Testing

    We build clickable prototypes of the your new designs and choose the right tool to test them. We set up the evaluation, run the tests and work out design changes based on valuable insights.

    Tools like Maze.co that output heatmaps, click maps, user path statistics can provide more quantitative feedback, while others like Userlytics focus on verbal user feedback and video replay of the sessions. We select the right tool depending on the context, the nature of the design, size of audience, etc.

    Design Validation

    It won’t matter if your website is usable if your messaging doesn’t sit with your users. In case of B2B sites Speero uses Wynter, the B2B messaging feedback platform that provides insight on how your messaging (and page in general) resonates with your audience.  Wynter invests in recruiting user panelists from professions that fit your user profile. It is a recommended tool for validating new copy AND design vs the old for B2B websites. For B2C audiences we use UsabilityHub to get qualitative feedback on the new designs.


    Depending on complexity, usually 2-3 weeks.


    From $8,000


    Depending on complexity, usually 2-3 weeks.


    From $4,500

    Informed and validated full site redesign

    Sometimes, full redesigns are inevitable. But you don't have to make leaps of faith. Inform your redesigns with research and future-proof them with UI libraries.

    Base your redesigns on robust briefs focused on deeper business goals. Our designers got experience with redesigning everything from small businesses to enterprises, big brands, and institutions.

    Validate your redesign with testing usability and messaging with curated audiences.

    Here's how we do it:

    • Scope outline
    • Design Brief Approval
    • Lo-fi mockups (Wireframes)
    • Restyling and initial Component Library Creation
    • All layout designs
    • Validation
    • Feedback implementation
    • Handover
    • Review after implementation
    • Consulting on next steps and experimentation


    Usually 2-4 months.


    From $45,000

    Why  Speero?

    There are plenty of UX / Branding / Design agencies that will create designs that you want. We don’t do that.  Instead, we provide the designs you need.

    We have designed and ran experiments on hundreds of websites for brands where design mistakes can mean six digits of lost revenue. We have developed systems to mitigate risks and create informed, validated designs.

    Our design treatments are done to help with business objective, not to please personal taste. We work together with teams of all sizes and have QA process in place that ensure that our deliverables are compliant with the target environment.

    Paul Randall
    Senior Experimentation Strategist

    Paul has used a design thinking mindset to enhance customer experiences for over eight years. His empathy for customer behavior comes from conducting hundreds of usability studies and experiments.

    Gertrud Vahtra
    Experimentation Strategist

    Gertrud is passionate about merging quantitative and qualitative data to get insights into customer behaviors, motivations, and pain points. She was named Young CRO of the Year 2020.

    Laszlo Zagyva
    Design Lead

    Laszlo is an experienced UI / UX / Graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Worked for clients of all size. Helped to develop many of our internal processes and models for improving the design and user experience for businesses.

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