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Here’s what our customer experience optimization, customer research, and data work delivered.
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Results we've delivered to our clients:

Customer research generates $2M in revenue

A single customer research-backed recommendation for RevZilla delivered $2M in additional
annualized revenue.

5x business growth with strategic testing

Increasing lifetime value and reducing churn for Codecademy.

$1.5 million in additional revenue

For a Procter & Gamble brand, by experimenting and improving their customer experience.

“Speero makes some pretty bold claims. Statements like “we will make you tons more money” are compelling, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t, right? Wrong. It’s all true. And it hasn’t been some magic bullet, a click of a button, or some black-hat trick. This is not just a cursory overhaul, or a few pointers from “experts."
This is a grind, where the team does a ton of work, flushes out the friction in your process, and makes it easier for hard-won traffic to convert. In our case, this means compelling visitors to part with hundreds-of-dollars per sale. The results of this project have improved conversion rates, improved top and bottom-line numbers, and increased customer satisfaction.”

Sky Boulton, BlastZone

Make better decisions

Reduced data discrepancies from 15% to 1%

Re-configured Jungle Scout’s analytics tools to reduce discrepancies between analytics and accounting reports from 15% to 1% as well as building 3 interactive dashboards in Google Data Studio to help them identify anomalies and track key metrics.

Business growth from research findings

A research informed redesign for Inspiration Outdoors, led to web sales overtaking both word of mouth and repeat bookings, the need to hire two new staff, plus over 90% occupancy rates for their tours.

Better decisions using our methodologies

RevZilla used our data-backed insights and prioritization methodology to generate better ideas and results, driving their experimentation roadmap.

“Getting a third-party perspective from experts who aren’t in the weeds of the site every day was critical in helping us understand what changes needed to be made, and why. Using data to back up those recommendations was one big step closer to making analytical, data-driven decisions as opposed to “gut” or opinion-based changes that can (and do) backfire.”

Torrie Belknap, Tomorrow Sleep

Build a customer-centric culture

Improved Carrefour’s know-how

Carrefour increased its marketing team's CX experimentation skills through in-person workshops, enabling Carrefour to run most of their CX optimization process in-house.

Removing the need for customer service

A National credit card processing company removed online chat while increasing qualified leads through serving their customer’s needs better.

Research that drives revenue

America’s largest mattress brand completely redesigned parts of their online experience based on our customer research findings, increasing revenue per visitor by more than 40%.

“Being able to dive into customer stories and pain points is so valuable. Each year I mark our research engagement with you on our site analytics and see it rise as we test your recommendations. Your customer research drives our roadmap.”

Alexander Robinson, Director, PMO at RevZilla

Scale your CX optimization

0-100 experiments

We helped MongoDB embed an experimentation culture that took them from no testing to running 100 tests per year.

Helping mature optimization practices

We helped Cisco to audit their international experimentation practices and created a roadmap to help them move to the next stage.

Zero to One

Helping Miro build their experimentation program from the ground up, reaching a test velocity of 6 per month within 2 months.

“We knew we should be shipping a large volume of experiments but we didn’t know how. The first few experiments we tried missed the mark. But then we started working with Speero who came in and helped us with tooling, research, statistics, and the processes needed to run experimentation at scale. I see Speero helping us create a center of excellence for the rest of the company to begin experimenting.”

Daniel Layfield, Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

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