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The Big Book of Website Optimization Ideas

When it comes to creating tests, those grounded in user research and data will triumph over "best practices" blindly applied. But there are concepts rooted in UX and psychology that can help you to answer specific user problems or needs. In collaboration with Intellimize we've put together 71 ideas to help you improve your website experience.

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Real-time eCommerce Benchmark report

Get access to compiled data from 1000+ e-stores in different industries and see where you stand in terms of Customer Retention, Customer Segmentation, eCommerce Analytics and Customer behavior. Brought to you by our partners Omniconvert.

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The Ultimate Personalization Guide

A step-by-step guide to personalizing your customer experience, brought to you by our partners AB Tasty and Heap. Understand the basics of data management for personalization and how to build an effective personalization strategy.

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Experimentation Program Benchmark Report 2021

Over 210 brand-side experimenters shared where and how their businesses were performing when it come to experimentation. Find out what you can do to get ahead of your competitors with a list of must-have experimentation practices that most businesses aren't doing.

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The Big Guide to Form Optimization and Analytics by Zuko

This web guide by Zuko covers everything you need to know when it comes to optimizing web forms for conversion rate performance. Including general principles to improve your form performance, common form issues, high impact tips, and best practice form design.

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A/B Test Calculator

Choosing which calculator(s) to use for your experimentation program is a big decision. Try out our calculator which will help you to answer all your pre and post test analysis questions.

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Template: PXL Prioritization Framework

If you want to run a successful A/B testing program it's essential to prioritize your ideas in a way that's objective and based on facts, not opinions. You can grab your own copy of our framework and save a copy to customize it. It's completely free and will save your team countless debates about which A/B test to carry out first.

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How Product Image Size Affects Attention and Engagement

Bigger images should make you pay more attention to them, right? Well, maybe. We decided to test that assumption in regards to eCommerce product pages. In this study, we explore how elements of a product page affect users' visual perception and perceived product value.

This experiment looks at how viewers perceive a product page when the product image size changes.

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How Does Product Copy Format Affect User Engagement?

Product page copy is something that, generally, gets ignored. Not just the content, but how it is formatted. In this study we wanted to explore how elements of a product page affect users' visual and value perceptions.

This experiment looks at how users view a page and read product text descriptions when the text format changes.

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How Codecademy Saw 5X Growth with Strategic Testing

When I think back to where we were two and a half years ago, the biggest issue with our testing program was that we tried several small ideas in different places and didn’t iterate enough on concepts. Our ideas were driven by individual opinions and changes that we saw our competitors making, which is one of the worst ways to run a testing program.

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