Experimentation / CRO

Experimentation and Testing Programs acknowledge that the future is uncertain. These programs focus on getting better data to product and marketing teams to make better decisions.

Research & Strategy

We believe that research is an integral part of experimentation. Our research projects aim to identify optimization opportunities by uncovering what really matters to your website users and customers.

Data and Analytics

90% of the analytics setups we’ve seen are critically flawed. Our data analytics audit services give you the confidence to make better decisions with data you can trust.

Acquisition Strategy Research
(for PPC Teams)

Optimize your acquisition strategy and improve your ROAS. Lower CAC, increase $, with strategic PPC research.
  • Understand your ICPs, their motivations, needs, and FUDs via qualitative research.
  • Landing page optimization; reduce bounce rate via UX, copy, and content recommendations based on UX principles.
  • Increase CTR via ad optimization; immediate ideas to optimize spend now based on your data.
  • Strategic ideas; make big bets with new campaigns and landing pages.
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Pain Points

  • Do you need to increase your ROI from acquisition activities?
    • Is your cost per conversion too high?
    • Are you struggling with increasing CPAs?
  • Do you have an effective acquisition strategy?
    • Are you investing on the right keywords?
    • Are you focusing on the relevant personas?
    • Is the acquisition strategy customer/user focused?
  • Are your on-site optimization efforts connected to your acquisition strategy?
    • Do you know if the on-site messaging resonates with the audiences?
    • Is the messaging and content clear, when users land on the site?
    • Are users behaving the way you would expect them to, when landing on the site?
    • Are you struggling with high bounce rates and/or low conversion rates?
  • Do you know where your current gaps are?
    • Are there any campaigns or keywords where you are spending money, but seeing little ROI.
    • What part of the journey causes friction to new users?
    • Do you know why users are leaving the site without converting?

Speero can help!


We can help you understand:

  • What are your prospect’s core emotions when they buy what you sell?
  • What are their motivations?
  • What are they using your product/s for? What problem do they solve?
  • What’s the end-benefit they’re after?
  • What are their main concerns, doubts, and hesitations?
  • What campaigns or acquisition activities are bringing in most revenue?
  • Why are landing pages performing poorly / well? does the copy / content resonate throughout the funnel?
  • How do users interact with your ads? What is the perception of the user journey from ad - landing page? Does the copy resonate throughout the funnel? Which competitors should we be aware of?
  • Does your copy resonate throughout the funnel?
Problem/s Metric How we can help
Overall stale and inefficient paid acquisition strategy. ROAS Better understanding your users needs via qualitative research will help you improve the performance of your website overall by updating copy, layout and functionality. This will increase your conversion rate and in turn revenue. Ad performance analysis will also help by highlighting where you can optimize your spend and campaign strategy.
Poor SERP performance, low engagement with your ads. Ad copy does not resonate or address users FUDs. CAC Improve your SERP performance by optimising your ad copy to address your ICP’s core motivations, fears, uncertainties & doubts.
Overall stale and inefficient paid acquisition strategy. CPA Incorporate an understanding of your ICP’s needs and motivations across your ad copy, landing pages and core user journey to improve conversion rate and thus increase the number of new customers acquired.
Poor SERP performance, low engagement with your ads. Ad copy does not resonate or address users FUDs. CTR We’ll help increase CTR by gathering insight into what matters to your customers and potential customers, so this can be reflected in your ad copy.
High bounce rate from key landing pages, lack of consistency between ad copy and core landing page content. Bounce Rate Improving landing page copy, layout and functionality based on your users needs and improving the consistency between ad copy and landing page content will help reduce bounce rate.

How it works?

Our ResearchXL™ methodology is a comprehensive research framework designed to help businesses identify optimization opportunities. We triangulate data from multiple research methodologies and data sources which are all aimed at gathering different types of data. This highlights the core barriers and opportunities for optimization.

Now, we have adapted this methodology to support acquisition teams to identify opportunities to optimize their strategy via the analysis of multiple data sources.

We come in, have a chat with you to learn all we can about your business, set up all necessary data collection, then dig deep into the analysis. Once we’re done with the analysis, we’ll sum up our findings into an actionable report.

What’s included?

Analytics health-check

To make sure that everything that needs to be tracked is being tracked properly and that your Google Analytics is set up correctly.

Analytics Analysis

Analytics Analysis of acquisition and behavioral data to understand what’s driving performance and which campaigns and landing pages are underperforming.

Google Ads Analysis

To dig deeper into specific campaign performance and understand which strategies are working and where there are opportunities for improvement.

UX heuristic review

UX heuristic review of your key landing pages; including a comparison between your best and worst-performing pages to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Customer surveys

Customer surveys (or interviews) with recent first-time buyers to understand who they are, why they buy and how they buy.

Copy Testing

Copy testing on key landing pages and ad copy to understand if your copy resonates with your target audience.
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Acquisition Strategy Research FAQs

How long does it take to conduct the acquisition strategy research?

Depending on the scope of your project, the research project usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Who is the acquisition strategy research suitable for?

Any business that is actively running paid search activity can benefit from this research.

We’re doing a wide range of paid acquisition activities, what is included?

We can expand the research scope to include analysis of any paid acquisition activities, including paid social platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) and other search platforms (Bing, etc.)

What happens after the research has been conducted?

The end deliverable is a written report and actionable roadmap detailing key insights about your customers, acquisition strategy, and website. It will outline specific changes we suggest you should make; It will give you general feedback and also specific feedback for key pages.

We present all of our findings over a conference call where we answer all of your questions and can discuss the implementation.

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