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Experimentation and Testing Programs acknowledge that the future is uncertain. These programs focus on getting better data to product and marketing teams to make better decisions.

Research & Strategy

We believe that research is an integral part of experimentation. Our research projects aim to identify optimization opportunities by uncovering what really matters to your website users and customers.

Data and Analytics

90% of the analytics setups we’ve seen are critically flawed. Our data analytics audit services give you the confidence to make better decisions with data you can trust.

How should I structure my (automatic) test reporting? Blueprint

How should I structure my experimentation program test reporting process?

Test reporting is critical to decision making, and also overall program velocity. The faster you can report out, the faster the decision can come. This is Agility as a metric. We think there are two sides to test reporting, the automated, and the bespoke or manual side. 1. BI tools like looker studio and even test tools themselves provide the automated side of things, and 2. the 'story telling' where different metrics are highlighted and the implications and insights are presented is the custom side of things. This blueprint acknowledges the need and balance for these to parts for experimentation test reporting.

Use Cases:

- increase awareness for what goes into a test reporting phase in the experimentation process

- align the team on who does what part, and what part is needs more work

- define your own programs component parts for this process

Decision & Execution
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