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How Speero Helped The Bouqs Double Revenue from Testing and Set a Roadmap for Future Growth

The Challenge

There was just one little roadblock when it came to The Bouqs’ plan for expansion: their tech stack.

The tech The Bouqs had been using was 5+ years old, and many hands have been stirring the pot over those years. To grow at the pace they hoped, they needed a spruced-up tech stack that could handle ambitious projects.

In other words, they needed front-end optimization fast, without any major slowdowns from the transition. It was a tall order for a small startup team that already had all cylinders burning.

“In order to grow at the level that we want to grow at, we need an extremely stable tech stack, and continuing to work through big meaty projects without losing the momentum around continuous optimization on the front end.”

Natalia Contreras-Brown

The Solution

Thanks to Speero, Natalia and The Bouqs team were able to divide and conquer.

The Bouqs team focused their efforts on big-picture initiatives, like implementing their new subscription service and tweaking algorithms that show product availability.

Speero stepped in to identify quick wins that would improve the customer experience. Instead of being an ad-hoc add-on, the customer experience was finally able to be put front and center.

Speero worked to:

  • Establish data around The Bouqs’ existing customer experience
  • Integrate seamlessly into the team’s system and processes
  • Provide The Bouqs product team with greater CX insight and ownership

"What Speero has really helped us do is start from the beginning and say, ‘what does our customer need? What does our customer want? Why are they motivated to purchase with us?’ And then use that to create smart hypotheses around our testing program and find quick wins."

Natalia Contreras-Brown

Experimentation around the customer experience went from occasional peeks at what the competition was doing to a formal process of customer research that was not an afterthought.

The Results

After six months of working with Speero, The Bouqs team has seen undeniable gains.

When it comes to cart metrics, Speero’s tests have helped drive 2x as much revenue as The Bouqs’ previous in-house experimentation methods.

More than that, the testing successes have inspired The Bouqs team to take greater ownership of customer research and to further enhance the customer experience at every turn.

Now, they invest in additional customer research tools, and continue to partner with Speero on the best ways to put those tools to use.

“Whenever we launch something new, it's like, Hey marketing team, what do we want to know about the customer? How do we bring that back in? Bring that to Speero. Speero helps us flesh it out. It's a really good synergistic process.”

Natalia Contreras-Brown

The partnership with Speero helped far more than just Natalia’s product team. It’s had far-reaching consequences for how The Bouqs approaches customer data at every level.

Now, every team at The Bouqs knows that it’s both important and easy to use customer data to validate assumptions before moving forward with testing or updates.

Customer insight is now approachable, not intimidating.

“It's allowed departments to come to the product team with questions they have that could lead to problems that we need to solve. And that's been the multiplying effect of Speero.”

Natalia Contreras-Brown

Key Takeaways


Customer experience and data focus

Established data around The Bouqs’ existing customer experience, and boosted strategy for the test and learn program.


Integrate well across teams

Speero created systems and processes to integrate seamlessly into the Bouq's team’s work. Goal alignment, tasks, meeting cadences, and above all clear expectations.


Drive revenue growth with speed of testing

Speero provided 2X the revenue as the internal efforts and created within the same time period, all due to systems and priority of action.

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