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Maturing a global enterprise-scale experimentation program

The Challenge

Sandip Amlani, a Regional Digital Lead, launched the first Centre of Excellence (CoE) experimentation team for Cisco in the EMEAR region. Soon after, an internal directive was made to improve how Cisco did optimization globally. Cisco is a $51 billion company with 71,000 employees across 96 locations worldwide. Establishing experimentation across a complex enterprise such as Cisco would be a challenge. 

Sandip ran internal workshops with various teams to gain consensus on using a federated CoE structure for global experimentation. He also workshopped all the areas Cisco would need to run a global CoE.

Now the Cisco team knew where they wanted to go, they needed to evaluate where they were and create a roadmap to get them from point A to B.

Cisco organizational models for optimization.

The Solution

Speero was brought in to assess Cisco using the Experimentation Maturity Audit. The audit evaluates a company based on four areas.

Speero conducted stakeholder interviews with individuals across the organization to gain an accurate assessment. Collating the data from the questionnaire and interviews, Speero was able to;

  • Benchmark the current experimentation capabilities at Cisco.  
  • Get alignment. By comparing individual scores, we identified differences of opinion and led discussions on those areas to gain a shared understanding and consensus.  
  • Identify gaps or areas of weakness across the four pillars and set priorities, planned activities, and designed a roadmap to move Cisco from its current state to the desired state. 

Example of experimentation maturity audit findings across individuals.

The Results

  • Combined research and experimentation program expertise to accurately assess the experimentation program at Cisco. 
  • Delineated the critical drivers which would address gaps and weaknesses. 
  • Provided the roadmap for Cisco to implement a global CoE, meeting the internal directive.

Key Takeaways


Evaluate your current experimentation maturity level.

Evaluate your business and its approach to experimentation to understand what you need to do to increase maturity. Access the maturity audit.


Understand what your audit results mean.

Give context to your audit results by reviewing our latest benchmark data to see how your organization compares.


Gain alignment across teams and stakeholders.

Use a RASCI Matrix to establish who's responsible, accountable, supporting, consulted, and informed across experimentation activities.

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