90% of data analytics setups we've seen are critically flawed

Using inaccurate data to make decisions can cost your business. Our data analytics consulting services give you the confidence to make better decisions with data you can trust.
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“The Speero team went above and beyond working with us on our analytics setup and getting tracking right. They were fast, thorough, detail-oriented, and most importantly, did the job correctly the first time. We would absolutely work with them again given the opportunity."
Priscilla Leake, CRO Specialist at Jungle Scout
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Who does data analytics consulting benefit?

Reliable customer data is one of the most valuable assets for business growth. But for it to be valuable, you must be sure that digital tracking has been implemented correctly. That’s why we provide a data analytics consulting service to ensure you get the data you need and can trust.

Your business can benefit from our data analytics services if you want to:

●   Answer questions and make decisions with trustworthy data
●   Get a complete view of your customer journey
●   Remove data silos in your business
●   Educate teams on how to use and interpret data

What will my data analytics project look like?



We run a measurement workshop to identify the data you need.

Data audit & assessment

We conduct an in-depth analytics audit reviewing the configuration and validity of your data in third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Implementation & configuration

We set up tool integrations for any missing data sources, so you have all the data you need in a way you can use it.

Data visualization & reporting

We create customized, real-time dashboards (or close to real-time) so you can make faster business decisions.

Data monitoring & ongoing support

We can set up data monitoring services and provide ongoing implementation services for new data sources.

Data literacy training

We consult on how to use and interpret data. We also offer customized training for your specific setup and tools.

Case Studies

Reduced data discrepancies from 15% to 1%

Re-configured Jungle Scout’s analytics tools to reduce discrepancies between analytics and accounting reports from 15% to 1% as well as building 3 interactive dashboards in Google Data Studio to help them identify anomalies and track key metrics.

Business growth from research findings

A research informed redesign for Inspiration Outdoors, led to web sales overtaking both word of mouth and repeat bookings, the need to hire two new staff, plus over 90% occupancy rates for their tours.

Better decisions using our methodologies

RevZilla used our data-backed insights and prioritization methodology to generate better ideas and results, driving their experimentation roadmap.

“Speero helped us set up and configure a data warehouse using BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform to unify data from tools like Google Analytics, Shopify, ReCharge, Klaviyo and more. This allows us to run ad-hoc queries using data from multiple sources, build more advanced reporting and make better data-driven decisions overall.”

Matthew Kinneman, Owner and President at Bullymax

Data analytics FAQs

What is a Google Analytics audit?

A Google Analytics audit is a series of checks that help you answer the following three questions:

1. Am I collecting all of the data I need?
2. Can I trust the data I’m collecting?
3. Is anything broken or tracking/reporting incorrectly? If so, why?

What are the best customer experience analytics tools?

The best customer experience analytics tools depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you’re considering data collection tools for digital experiences, Google and Adobe Analytics are great options for providing real-time customer data.

Whereas, if you’re trying to analyze and visualize data, we highly recommend some of the following tools:

●   Looker
●   Tableau
●   GDS

A good CX toolset also has a data warehouse where all relevant data is pulled together allowing for more advanced analysis and reporting.

What is data visualization in data analytics?

Data visualization is the visual representation of data, commonly in the form of a graph, chart, or map, to make the information easy to understand and uncover insights from.

What makes a good data visualization?

A good data visualization should be easy to understand, interesting, and tell you something you wouldn’t notice just by looking at the raw numbers.

What is the Speero data monitoring process?

We monitor your data in three ways:

1. Dashboards
2. Automated reports
3. Custom alerts

What are data monitoring best practices?

To get the most out of data monitoring, it’s important to set up custom alerts to notify you of any major changes or spikes.

How do you know if data is accurate?

To ensure that the data you’re collecting is accurate, we recommend comparing it to other reliable data sources. For example, Google Analytics vs. Shopify, Google Analytics vs backend, or testing tool vs analytics tool. If there is a large disparity in the data, you can begin to look for the cause of the data inaccuracies.

How do you fix data quality issues?

Data quality issues can be caused by several different factors, such as tracking that has been set up incorrectly. Fixing data quality issues depends on the specific issue, but in most cases, it requires technical work.

Why is it important to ensure that data is accurate?

Skewed or inaccurate data is worse than no data at all, as this can lead to business decisions being made based on false information. This often leads to costly mistakes being made, which could have a detrimental impact on your business.
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