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Experimentation and Testing Programs acknowledge that the future is uncertain. These programs focus on getting better data to product and marketing teams to make better decisions.

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Building a solid partnership to grow an experimentation program

The Challenge

Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are a British multi-channel clothing retailer. Before Speero, the Charles Tyrwhitt team executed just two tests a year. Despite the low volume, there was a lot of interest in experimentation and a desire to scale the program, but they didn’t have the internal expertise. 

Alex Buckingham, Head of Digital Experience at Charles Tyrwhitt, started looking for an agency. But he had reservations. He didn’t want an agency that would take a list of requirements and go off to deliver them. He needed a collaborative partnership to help him grow an internal team and the experimentation program.

The Solution

Our first challenge was to put Alex at ease as he had never worked with a remotely distributed team. Our two weekly meetings helped do the trick; “Very quickly it became clear through the weekly meetings that the Speero team are so well versed in what they do and so well-versed in working remotely, that my fears disappeared.” 

To kick off the project, we spent a lot of time understanding the Charles Tyrwhitt business, its challenges, and its opportunities. We work collaboratively so that all strategies and plans are well-informed and consider the business circumstances. Discussing and debating plans with the internal team helped ensure we had a roadmap everyone was on-board with.

“Speero listened to us. They listened to all the things that we already knew about our business and the nuances, from how we work to why we work that way. They took it all away and came back to us with a plan. But it wasn’t a one size fits all plan. We had meaningful debates about it, which then built the roadmap.”

Alex Buckingham, Head of Digital Experience at Charles Tyrwhitt

We also ran three deep-dive research initiatives that looked at specific areas of the website. One was a heuristic evaluation of the suit buying journey, which we facilitated alongside the whole ecommerce team. We got everyone on a call and then split people into two groups to run the heuristic session remotely. The collaborative workshop inspired the e-commerce team to use this approach in other settings. This type of hands-on collaboration throughout the program helped the internal team gain confidence and learn to run their own tests.

“The biggest impact on the business was helping the internal team drive experimentation and embed experimentation within the company culture. The wider trade group has seen that we can deliver really meaningful business results, and now they want us to be part of the wider commercial conversation, which we simply weren't before. Experimentation now has a seat at the table in the weekly trade meetings.”

Alex Buckingham, Head of Digital Experience at Charles Tyrwhitt

The Results

  • Helped grow and develop the internal Charles Tyrwhitt team to the point where they could bring test design and development in-house.
  • Increased velocity from two tests per year to 5-10 per month. 
  • Helped Charles Tyrwhitt transition from basic UX tests to strategic experiments which informed bigger business decisions. 
  • Embedded experimentation as a critical function within the business.

“Working with Speero has helped me grow. It has helped me immensely. My personal journey with Speero is one I'll remember for the rest of my career. I've loved working with this Speero.”

Alex Buckingham, Head of Digital Experience at Charles Tyrwhitt

Key Takeaways


Communication is vital to building a solid partnership.

Meetings are rituals that help align and coordinate people keeping everyone accountable. They can also be an excellent opportunity for feedback and education. Get our meeting cadence blueprint to help you know when and how to plan meetings.


Plan internal resources by thinking about your future team structure.

Building an internal experimentation team requires you to decide where the team will sit within the wider business. There’s a lot to consider, so use our org chart blueprint to help you assess the options.


Engage teams across the business.

To create a culture of experimentation, people across the business need to know what it is and how they can benefit from it. Over the years, we’ve developed a list of ways you can do this. Check out our blueprint to learn how to involve others in your work.

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